How to change an apartment with a mortgage to another?
Moscow and Moscow region » Exchange of apartments with additional payment through a mortgage Currently direct
Rights of a minor child to an apartment
The child’s right to housing: do children have the right to an apartment Question about actions with
Procedure for paying a receipt through a Sberbank ATM
Payment for housing and communal services is a mandatory procedure, which not so long ago took a lot of money every month.
Check the number of the certificate of ownership
How to check the authenticity of a certificate of ownership? Under no circumstances should you be content with a copy
Sample consent from neighbors for installation of video surveillance
Home / Conflict with neighbors / Consent to install a fence between neighbors - sample
Consent of a family member of the tenant occupying residential premises on the basis of a social rental agreement to the local government body of the municipality for reconstruction and (or) redevelopment
PRO new building 7 (499) 703-51-68 (Moscow) When renovating public areas. For example, the owner decided
VTB mortgage application review deadline 2020
Mortgage approval at VTB - current bank offers VTB offers a wide range of mortgage programs.
What is the difference between reconstruction and redevelopment of premises?
Reconstruction of an apartment in a two-apartment building They gave a list of necessary documents, incl. need to get
Where to renew a social tenancy agreement after the death of the tenant
The concept of social hiring What does social hiring mean? Unfortunately, state or territorial residential
Mortgage with state support: features of the loan program
What is it? A mortgage with state support is one of the types of preferential mortgage
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