How to terminate a real estate purchase and sale agreement after registration?
Introduction Refusal to register The list of grounds for refusal to register real estate is enshrined in the first paragraph of the twentieth
Gift deed for non-residential premises
Gift deed for an apartment: pros and cons
Non-residential premises do not differ in terms of ownership rights from other types of real estate, in particular
certificate of no contact with infectious patients
Contact information: why you need it and where to get it
What is a contact certificate? This medical form is an official document confirming that
Emergency dispatch service
Job description of a gas service dispatcher Article 427 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, subparagraph 5, paragraph 1 c
Alienation of property - is it possible?
The procedure for the alienation of apartments, Art. 2. 167 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, that is, each party is obliged
Alienation of a share in an apartment
Home / Housing disputes / Consent to purchase a share in an apartment The co-owners of the apartment are obliged
Conversation about HOA, IT and major repairs
Types of HOA services In order to create an HOA, all that is required is the initiative of one of
How to legalize extra acres in SNT?
Home / Land, dacha, construction / Documents and legislation / Land plot / Law
Mortgage by force of law: what it is, features and requirements
What is a mortgage by force of law The word “mortgage” itself means the purchase of real estate as collateral
Maternity capital: what documents are needed to obtain: tips
What documents are needed to register maternity capital in Russia in 2020
Maternity capital is a unique product that has no analogues in world practice. Action
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