A thermal pressure chamber is a device in which the specified parameters of air pressure and temperature are artificially reproduced. Such a climate chamber is considered one of the most complex and functional types of testing equipment, since it has a very wide range of characteristics.


The design of a thermopressure chamber of standard volumes (up to 2 cubic meters) includes a test and assembly compartment. The body of the workspace, intended directly for testing, is made of durable sheet metal and stainless steel. From the outside it is further strengthened with stiffening ribs. To ensure a high rate of temperature change, the climate chamber is equipped with two layers of thermal insulation.

The aggregate compartment houses systems that allow you to create and maintain different temperature and pressure modes: a compressor refrigeration unit, electric heaters, as well as vacuum pumps necessary for pumping out air and creating a given vacuum.

Thermal vacuum installations are equipped with electronic control panels, controllers for automatic and manual control of pressure and temperature parameters, as well as a system of devices necessary for monitoring and recording test results.


The thermal pressure chamber allows testing of units and materials under the combined influence of various temperature conditions, rarefied air and low pressure. Using the installation, you can determine the resistance of products and equipment elements to surface discharges and compressibility under pressure.

The most common area of ​​application of thermal pressure chambers is type testing of aircraft engines and their structural parts. To do this, conditions inside the chamber are simulated as close as possible to flight conditions at a certain altitude.

Thermal pressure chambers are widely used in various industries: radio electronics, mechanical engineering, metalworking, chemical, medical. They are used for testing and storing materials and equipment, as well as for performing heat treatment of various products.

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