Fire safety is the highest priority for any society and organization. Firefighting equipment and fire extinguishing equipment play a key role in preventing and extinguishing fires and ensuring the safety of people and property. Fire safety stores, such as Magazin 01, offer a wide range of equipment, helping to maintain a high level of safety in various areas of life.

What Shop 01 Offers

Shop 01 is a reliable place to purchase firefighting equipment and fire extinguishing agents. In their assortment you can find:

  1. Fire extinguishers of various types and classes: Fire extinguishers are the main means of extinguishing fires. "Store 01" features fire extinguishers for various classes of fires, including solids, liquids and gases.

  2. Fire cabinets and drawers: For storing fire extinguishers and other fire equipment, it is important to have special cabinets and drawers that will ensure accessibility and safety of the equipment.

  3. Powder, gas, water and other types of fire extinguishing agents: Different types of fires require different extinguishing agents. The store offers a wide selection of fire extinguishing agents, providing the opportunity to choose the most suitable one for a particular situation.

  4. Fire protection systems and equipment: This includes automatic extinguishing systems, smoke control, alarms and other equipment designed to detect, prevent and extinguish fires.

  5. Personal Protective Equipment: An important part of safety is personal protective equipment against fire, such as flame retardant clothing, masks and gas masks.


Purchasing fire equipment and fire extinguishing equipment is a responsible step aimed at ensuring safety and saving lives. Shop 01 and similar fire fighting stores play an important role in ensuring the availability of quality fire fighting equipment. Remember the importance of safety and use the correct fire equipment to minimize risks and keep you and your valuables safe from fire disasters.

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